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Cad / Design
From a simple sketch to a design you just thought of, we can produce it. Our design team is specially trained to work with you to make the piece you desire.
Once the 3D sketch is made up, we will have for you a photo rendered in several positions and with all the detailed features for your review. This 3D file can then become part of your designs library, ready to be re-ordered at any time.
We have different types of 3D printers: to show the piece to your customer or cast the final piece.
Your own design
Are you a designer or want to push your own brand? We’ll help you in the production process so your pieces will get soon to the next level. Our expertise team will take care of your designs as if they were of their own, so you do not have to burden anymore with the production processes, just concentrate on designs and sales, let the rest in our hands.
We can finish the piece: filling and polishing for a result which reaches the highest standard.
If you are thinking of adding stones to your piece, we can offer the service, setting all types of stones.
We can engrave anything from names to symbols. Contact us to customize your jewelry