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What does CNC mean?

CNC = computer numerical control. This means that we are able to create wedding bands and eternity bands with a perfect finish and mesurements as much of the production processes are made by extremely precise machinery, but hand finished by our goldsmiths.

The process goes as follows:

1) We prepare a gold tube and then a specific CNC machine cuts rings at the desired width

2) We remove metal from the interior and the exterior With a lathe to obtain the desired thickness.

3) We make the shapes or drawings With a CNC 5-axis lathe that each design has

4) Then the rings are manually polished and clean. Hand setted if the designs has any gemstone and re-polished again till we get the right finishing.

This is the way we make our CNC wedding bands, being able to get the rings at very reasonable rates.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.