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There are many ways to create a jewel. One is by what it is know by "casting".

The first thing that we need is to create a wax model of our design. You can get that by carving a piece of wax or by printing it with a 3D printer.

Once we have the wax, we make a plaster flask with the wax piece inside. In this way we will get a mold of our design. We cure and burn the flask into an oven so the wax will be melt.

Once the flask is baked in the oven the metal can be melted and pour it into the flak getting this way a metal piece of what be modeled in wax. Melt the metals in the flask is what it is known as 'casting'.

A perfect casting is not an easy thing, many variables come into the game, temperatures, humidity, baking cycles, alloys components.... for us the more important of the whole creation processes, because an important part of the final quality of the jewel could depend of this essential process.

For this reason, we have our own techniques that we have developed over the years to get an excellent casting.