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Casting process
There are many ways to create a jewel. One is by what it is know by "casting". The first thing that we need is to create a wax model of our design. You can get that by carving a piece of wax or by pr
What does carats mean
Carats is a unit of mass used for diamonds, pearls and gemstone. One Carat is 0.2g or 0.00705oz, and his abbreviation is 'ct' So for this reason when be speak about the carats of the diamond we are
What does CNC mean
What does CNC mean? CNC = computer numerical control. This means that we are able to create wedding bands and eternity bands with a perfect finish and mesurements as much of the production processes a
Repair center
We'll soon launch our repairs center. You'll be able to send us your jobs once you have registered your account on our website. You could check the status of your works directly from this we
Casting Rose Gold
As you know, casting rose gold is not an easy thing, since the alloy contains a lot of copper, making it difficult to get a smooth surface with no cracks. Our long experience with this metal making
New Customer collection
One of our customers ( and friend ) asked us to collaborate with his team to develop a new bracelets collection. It should have color gems, diamonds, white and pink gold, he said. Here is one of our f